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The second novel from the author of

Arrack in the

Goa, after the monsoons… swaying palms… windswept beaches… free-flowing feni… and a last shot at love. Victor Gabriel is an ex-soldier, who has been discharged from the Indian Army. An aspiring writer, he meets up with his former girlfriend, Ana, on a beach in Goa.

The tryst, made at Ana’s behest, is to see if they have a future together. But Vic’s demons, combined with a host of unsavoury characters they run into,cause the trip to spiral out of control.

The story careens through the tourist scene in Goa, replete with underage bartenders, alcoholics, corrupt politicians and their wayward progeny. It also delves into Punjab at the height of the insurgency, a recurring source of Victor’s nightmares.

Set over a long weekend in the erstwhile backpackers’ paradise, Feni Daze is a no holds barred romp through the underbelly of Goa.


Mathew Vincent Menacherry is a co-founder of the Anthea Group, which is active in the field of speciality chemicals. He lives in Mumbai with his wife, Candice, and their daughter, Shanaia. Feni Daze is his second novel. Menacherry hails from a family of litterateurs. His grandfather, MP Paul, was a well-known critic and essayist in Malayalam literature, and his aunt and uncle, Rosy and CJ Thomas are also renowned novelists and playwrights.


Feni Daze

“The lead character is ex-military, with lots of baggage from his time in Punjab, has father-issues and a stunning girlfriend. He is a flawed, complicated drunk trying to do the right thing, and failing repeatedly. With Feni Daze, Mathew has skilfully managed to show the best and the worst of human behaviour.”

Bipin, Amazon

Feni Daze

“The book is fast paced and there is enough of action, sleaze and tenderness to keep you riveted. I found it hard to put down. The ending left me knowing (hoping!) that there will be a sequel with more adventures by Vic and Ana our own alter-ego’s, whose escapades we vicariously relish!” ”

Peter, Amazon

Feni Daze

” My actual rating is 4.5. I had difficulty to initially engage into the first act but soon found that it was building up to something better. The 2nd half turned out to be quite stellar and reminiscent of my all time favorite reads like “God of Small Things” and “A Fine Balance” so it’s worth a little patience. I look forward to the author’s next book.”


Arrack in the Afternoon

“A good read, the book also takes clear pot-shots at celebrities whose identities we are left in no doubt of.”

Shweta Ganesh Kumar


Arrack in the Afternoon

“Mixing Mumbai, Bollywood, business, politicians, God men, sex, pimps and the unwavering partner – alcohol, Mathew cooks up a heady concoction that stares you right in the eye.”

 Consumer Psyche

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